Brelsford Park Oval in Coffs Harbour.
Brelsford Park Oval in Coffs Harbour. Keagan Elder

Call to build a war memorial garden in Brelsford Park

This week's Letters to the Editor

THE citizens of the very small town of Robinvale, Victoria, took enormous pride in a combined 'community' project.

It was the creation of their 'Cenotaph and Anzac Memorial Gardens'.

'Brelsford Park' - in the heart of our city - is Coffs Harbour's perfect place for our 'Cenotaph' and the 'Anzac Memorial Gardens'.

The 75,000 plus citizens of this city are well aware that we have outgrown Vernon Street.

Adequate space could be provided for all the marchers and the community groups.

Architecturally landscaped with beautiful gardens for reflection, it could become the centrepiece of the city.

Locals and visitors alike could also wander through the gardens, enjoy their picnic lunches, coffee and cake.

How good is that.

A tree-lined 'tourist route' from Thompson's Rd through to Earl Street would remind our citizens and visitors how highly we regard our 'Remembrance Gardens' and all that they mean.

Let not this amazing community heritage be picked over for less enduring and less important edifices.

Ken Palmer

Premier Gladys Berejiklian
Premier Gladys Berejiklian JOEL CARRETT

Gladys stop selling our state short

MOST people must becoming totally bemused at the stratospheric levels of pork-barrelling by the Berejiklian Government.

In a belated attempt to right so many wrongs caused by their insidious desire to sell off public assets and vicious cuts to so many necessary government services since coming to power in 2011.

Can we cap the "euphoria" for a moment, and consider just how this vast largesse has miraculously materialized, yes it has come from selling off the public assets owned by us ordinary NSW residents, the family jewels forever gone, sold by Gladys Berejiklian's government.

Since the Coalition won Government in 2011 they have sold Country Energy, Energy Australia, Integral Energy, Sydney Desalination Plant, Port Botany, Port Kembla, Port of Newcastle, Bayswater and Liddell power stations, TransGrid, Ausgrid, Titling and Registry Office, Endeavor Energy.

The sad result of selling our electricity grid has already resulted in the loss of at least 600 jobs in regional NSWwith another 600 scheduled to go, and as of July 2017 NCOSS reported that 77% of low income NSW households are going without heating in a bid to reduce their onerous power bills.

NSW electricity consumers experienced the biggest price rise in Australia, with almost half of regional customers now suffering bill shock.

These are only the multi- billion dollar sell-offs, there are many more too numerous to mention like the complete gutting of our Tafe College infrastructure, it certainly makes all the current pork- barrelling reek of nothing more than rank opportunism.

Keith Duncan

The scourge of drought is being felt hard across NSW in 2018.
The scourge of drought is being felt hard across NSW in 2018. Lisa Alexander

We need to review our farm lands

Drought is "part and parcel" of Australia. Always has been and always will be.

Clearly this hot, dry land is not a good place to raise vast numbers of sheep and cattle.

Despite this, farmers continue to fill the land with livestock and when drought comes our Federal Government rushes to keep them in business with multi million dollar handouts.(Drought relief, Coffs Coast Advocate August 8).

This is a ridiculous state of affairs.

It's time to phase out industries that are not sustainable - and the livestock industry is one of them.

Jenny Moxham

Climate Change protest action in the Coffs Harbour CBD.
Climate Change protest action in the Coffs Harbour CBD. ROB CLEARY SEEN AUSTRALIA

Nationals consider climate change

WITH the retirement announced of Luke Hartsuyker as National Party Member for the seat of Cowper I would implore the preselection committee determining the National Party candidate for the next Federal Election to consider the major issue confronting farmers and all residents of Cowper.

That issue is Climate Change.

Unless confronted urgently ,firstly with rapid change to technically and financially feasible Renewables for energy generation, we will face rapidly increasing climate, agricultural and health emergencies

I am sure that this issue will be foremost in the minds of many Cowper residents at the upcoming Federal Election.

John Ross,


The beautiful Sandy Beach.
The beautiful Sandy Beach. Trista Heilers

Decency is the art of thinking of others

I FEEL very blessed to be able to live near the beach and walk my dog every day on the dog allocated beach at Sandy.

Owners of large dogs must be responsible for them, yes it is a leash-free beach, however you as the owner must have control of your own dogs.

My black moodle and myself are fed up with out of control dogs causing excessive barking and intimidation to us as their owners watch.

Teina Gough

Beaches closed from Iluka to Red Rock

Beaches closed from Iluka to Red Rock

Beaches spanning about 100km of coastline remain closed

Councillor casts shade on Jetty carpark plan

premium_icon Councillor casts shade on Jetty carpark plan

One Coffs Councillor says the carpark is ‘premature’.

Coffs galloper looking to clinch back-to-back Maclean Cups

premium_icon Coffs galloper looking to clinch back-to-back Maclean Cups

The wet track warrior could have favourable conditions in the closing feature at...