Call for signage to indicate Diggers rip

GERMAN tourist Juergen Hauff is lucky to be here after getting in trouble at Diggers Beach.

On Wednesday, February 4, Juergen went for a dip in the water while his wife, Gisela, searched for shells and stones along the beach.

Juergen swam straight into the permanent rip at the southern corner of the beach.

George Massaad has seen a lot of people get in trouble at Coffs Harbour beaches, and borrowed a surf board to go to Juergen's rescue.

Mr Massaad said that he only just got to Juergen in time.

“I heard him yelling out,” Mr Massaad said.

“It took me a fair bit to get him in.”

Juergen said that he swallowed some water and that when he saw Mr Massaad he was hopeful he'd be okay.

Mr Massaad said that it was lucky there were two young girls from Newcastle at the beach with surfboards as he wouldn't have been able to get Juergen back to the beach without the board.

Juergen later took a classified ad out in the Advocate to thank Mr Massaad but Mr Massaad didn't see it.

Mr Massaad has suggested that more signs are needed at the beach.

Coffs Harbour City Council Lifeguard Service co-ordinator Greg Hackfath said that the council is looking into different signing options at the moment, although they cannot specifically sign a rip.

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