Call for Federal candidates

THE call for Labor candidates for the federal seat of Cowper could be made as early as this Friday.

That’s when the administrative committee of New South Wales Labor – the body which oversees the pre-selection process for federal seats in this State – next meets.

“The committee convenes on the first Friday of each month, and as Cowper was not among the seats called in February, I am hoping it will be our turn this time,” veteran local campaigner Paul Sekfy said.

It is a sentiment shared by the President of the Federal Electorate Council of Cowper, Roger Wilkinson.

“I would certainly like the process settled by the end of this month,” the South West Rocks businessman said.

Mr Wilkinson said he couldn’t comment on who might stand for pre-selection as the ALP’s candidate for Cowper. Paul Sekfy has already flagged his interest in making a fourth run for Canberra. “Given the result I achieved last time with only a 55-day campaign I am at this stage interested in running again,” Mr Sekfy said.

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