Paul Jones, architect and Butler Street home owner has founded the \
Paul Jones, architect and Butler Street home owner has founded the \"Grab the Rail\" campaign proposing the new Byron Bypass use a section of the old railway within town.Photo Megan Kinninment / Byronshire News Megan Kinninment

Butler Street is not going to back down

A NOTICE of motion has been submitted to the Byron Shire Council to evaluate costs and consider the rail corridor as a viable option following a letter received from State Government.

Councillor Paul Spooner said the letter was handed down by Tamara Smith, on behalf of the NSW Minister for Transport, indicating that if council was to propose the construction of the road within the rail corridor the NSW Government would consider it.

"That's the first time that we have had an indication from the NSW State Government that they would be open to a road going down the unused corridor," Cr Spooner said.

"It led me to consider now that Butler Street is not the only option for a bypass around the CBD but that in fact we could be looking at another option."

"What my motion is calling for is not just the full construction costs for the Butler Street bypass but also what it would cost to put a road way in that rail corridor."

The Butler Street Community Group says they can't understand why the council is pushing so hard to have the bypass run through their street when there are more viable and cheaper routes.

"They did a 2001 study on the bypass and it clearly showed the rail corridor as the best option, they spent $500,000 to come to that conclusion and then they turn around and go we're not going to take that route, we are going to run it through Butler Street instead," Mr Jones said.

"We've got a Green Council proposing to destroy a designated, protected and critical habitat that contains threatened species."

The community group express their biggest obstacle is getting through to the Mayor and the rest of the Greens council.

"We've got a huge challenge because we have got a Mayor who is obsessed (with) turning the corridor into a rail way or rail trail and an entertainment district."

Despite the recent Land and Environment court decision, the community group says they aren't going to quit until they get some answers.

"It's only the beginning, we will not stop until the truth comes out about what is going on."

"We have been suffering massively for this and to be faced with a council that won't listen, won't talk to us is beyond a disaster."

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