Busy times for Coffs deep sea fishing club

ANOTHER great Coffs Harbour weekend of weather has past us by leaving most boaters again questioning current return on investment.

It would be scary to do the sums and work out what each fishing trip actually costs.

My diary has its last entry on February 17, which seems like an age ago, but somehow the expenses keep rolling in.

Not too worry though.

I know we are going to be in for a great patch shortly, probably commencing Easter Monday.

Up until then we have to fit in the deep sea sections comp next Saturday and Sunday, followed soon after by the mackerel shootout and the Easter Classic just five days after.

Entry forms for the mackerel shootout are available from reception and the Easter Classic entry sheets will be available very soon either online or at the office.

Species for the next section comp are snapper, pearl perch, flathead, teraglin and both mackerels.

Please remember that for the two-day event, fishing times are 5am Saturday until logged off, and back in the harbour by 12.30pm Sunday.

Who knows what the fishing will be like, so feedback gained from this weekend and during the week could be very beneficial for anyone trying to formulate a plan of attack.

Likewise the waters over the shelf are a bit of a mystery, but the postponed Game Section monthly comp which is on again today will no doubt provide some answers. Hopefully anglers can enjoy their time on the water this weekend once they get their boats clear of the sandpit.

The Deep Sea section has new club shirts and very snazzy they are too.

There were only 50 shirts available, but when they were released at last Monday night's section meeting, there was a bit of a flurry, so there are not too many left.

To acquire the latest in fishy fashionware contact Erhard of the Exchequer or enquire at the counter.

The Department of Primary Industry is holding a kids' fishing workshop at Park Beach Reserve between noon and 4pm, April 23.

These workshops are for kids between eight and 14 where they can learn to fish safely and responsibly.

It involves fishing methods, bag and size limits and fish handling techniques.

There is a cost involved, but each child will receive more in return with a rod and reel and all sorts of stuff.

Bookings are essential with limits to class sizes, so phone 0458 274 876.

This is a great way to get kids involved in our sport where they may grow to become active members of fishing clubs like ours.

It is also great to see the DPI visibly promoting our sport, particularly among the juniors, something that fishing clubs should perhaps do more of. So if members know of any kids, grandkids, neighbours' kids that will enjoy the workshop, pass this message on.

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