Buskers and Comedy Festival kicks off

AND so it begins...

Buskers, comedians and entertainers alike were streaming into the Coffs Harbour Regional Airport yesterday as they arrived for the 2008 Coffs Harbour International Buskers and Comedy Festival, two of which were renowned comedians, Michele A'Court and Jeremy Elwood.

The pair, who have been named New Zealand's best female and male comedian respectively by the NZ Comedy Guild Awards are the first stand-up comedians to be invited to perform at the festival.

Despite having travelled from New Zealand yesterday morning, both were enthusiastic as they arrived in the terminal and said they were excited to be in Coffs Harbour for the first time.

“We're really pleased to be here,” Jeremy said.

“We've never been to Coffs Harbour before.”

When asked what people could expect from their performances in Coffs Harbour, both were quick to show their comedic side.

“I'm not sure what to expect of myself,” Jeremy said. “I think we'll bring a nice balance to the festival - we're traditional stand-up comedy.”

Michele was straight to the point. “I was looking forward to some badly behaved drunkenness from myself,” she said.

Michele and Jeremy will be performing their acts in stand-up shows throughout the festival - not on the street, which is something completely new for the festival.

“We've never had stand-up before,” organiser John Logan said.

“It's about broadening the comedy side of the festival. It's an important part of the growth of the festival,” organiser John Logan said.

The festival kicks of tonight with the sold-out Gala Premiere Dinner at the Coffs Ex-Services Club and will continue through until October 4.

Make sure you grab Saturday's Coffs Coast Advocate for a copy of the festival program.

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