Bungawalbin residents have just come through a weather event, and now look set to be stranded again.
Bungawalbin residents have just come through a weather event, and now look set to be stranded again. Contributed

Bungawalbin hunkers down again as rain revisits

Update: Thursday, 1.17pm

BUNGAWALBIN resident Candy Lawrence said the road is already cut off again at the Whiporie end (and) the road's flooding in places it's never flooded before.

"Our roads will be in a terrible state at the end of this because the roads have been graded back-to-front - as though the water flows west to east, when in fact it flows east-west here," she said.

"We are ending up with water flowing swiftly across the road in places it just didn't happen 10 years ago when I first came here. So wash-aways will be worse."

Ms Lawrence said internet and phone services are seriously compromised every time they have severe wet weather.

"Telstra does nothing, some of us have had our landlines out since February, and there's little to no mobile reception here," she said.

"Internet is satellite for many of us and drops out when we have this level of cloud cover and heavy rain in the way."

Ms Lawrence said stocking up is not as easy for people off the grid as it is for people on mains power.

"Many of us don't have freezers as that takes a lot of extra power," she said.

"And some people are trying to cope with just a gas fridge which has a tiny freezer compartment.

"There's a perception out there that the SES brought us free supplies (last time), not so, we ordered them and paid for them, the SES just delivered them," she said.

"We don't want people feeling sorry for us, but we do sometimes need some help when we're trapped for a long time."

Thursday morning

IT NEVER rains but it pours for residents in the flood-stricken village of Bungawalbin.

After barely drying out after the last deluge, the residents of the flood-striken area 32km south of Lismore are now hunkering down during the current storms.

For Candy Lawrence who lives on the Bungawalbin-Whiporie Rd, having some notice of the latest torrential downpours meant she could prepare for this latest event.

"I went out yesterday and bought four loaves of bread and four litres of long life milk,” she said.

"Once it started raining again it means bunking down and this time I'm perfectly happy.”

However, Ms Lawrence said she is concerned as the water table is still extremely high from the last event on March 21.

"We just need to look at the dams and lagoons and they are full,” she said.

"When I built my house I looked at the 100 year flood projections so my house is on an island at the moment, but I'm not worried about being washed away.”

Ms Lawrence said while they are on solar they don't have to rely on mains power.

"We have lost internet and the phones go out with monotonous regularity and there's no mobile,” she said.

"Our free range turkeys are looking miserable and sitting on tree branches out of the water.”

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