Bruce's drive safe plan

Bruce Hill is warning motorists to keep a safe distance from other cars when driving.
Bruce Hill is warning motorists to keep a safe distance from other cars when driving. Bruce Thomas

SAFE driving crusader Bruce Hill has earned praise from NRMA president Wendy Machin for his ‘Stay Alive – Count to Five’ initiative.

A keen observer of driving habits and skills, Bruce devised his simple plan to complement NRMA’s own campaign for drivers to put a serious gap between fast-moving vehicles.

“When driving behind another vehicle in the same line, select a feature on the road that the leading vehicle has just passed over,” he revealed.

“It can be a distinct shadow, patch of sunlight or change in the colour of road pavement.

“At that instant say (to yourself) ‘one’ and begin counting an interval of four seconds and if you pass over the same feature you watched at the count of ‘one’ before reaching a count of five, you have created a potential hazard and so must immediately slow down.”

Bruce said if drivers adopted his system, tailgating would be drastically reduced.

“If all drivers practised this childishly simple method, many accidents resulting in serious trauma would be avoided,” he said.

Wendy Machin thanked Bruce on behalf of the NRMA.

“I’m thrilled to know you are still strongly advocating for this important road safety issue,” she wrote.

Bruce believes his initiative could be more effective if concerned drivers switched on their amber hazard warning lights to encourage vehicles coming too close to back off.

However, Ms Machin warned motorists not to use this tactic and local highway patrol police stressed such moves were illegal unless an actual emergency was occurring.

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