Brown's visit a call for greener future

IT was a festive atmosphere at the Bellingen Showgrounds on Friday night as crowds turned out to break bread with the leader of the Australian Greens and one-time local boy, Senator Bob Brown.

Following dinner Senator Brown took to the microphone to entertain, inform and warn about the changes needed to save the planet from destruction.

“After millions and billions of years of perfect balance, the planet now faces extraordinary peril,” Senator Brown said.

“And as one of the oldest democracies and wealthiest countries, Australians are well-placed to do something ... we have a responsibility to act ... to stop the destruction of forests ... to present an alternative to the current greed.”

He said the solution to climate change was “staring us in the face”.

“Retro-fitting of homes with insulation, solar power and hot water to reduce green house emissions would decrease Australia's emissions by 10 per cent immediately.

“And that is even before we start looking at replacing coal with renewable energies.”

He warned of more forest protests in the future, citing the incident last week in Tasmania's Florentine Forests, which saw a camp of anti-logging protestors firebombed by logging contractors in the dead of night.

“If we stopped logging (of old growth forests) tonight, our emissions would drop by 20 per cent immediately. Can we not stop the destruction of these great forests and breathe easier? We must.”

Senator Brown said politicians in Canberra needed to inherit the 'lungfish' gene, the evolutionary link to the development of the spine. He also said he opposed the $10 million bail-out the government had given the banks.

“It would have been much better to devise a mortgage support system ...

“What we need now is a political movement to dissipate the big parties ... if we as teachers, thinkers and legislators can adjust our thinking to care for this planet, our grandchildren will thank us. We have the potential to change the face of politics and give humanity the ongoing joyride into the future that we all aspire to.”

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