Roar coach fires shot over pitch

BRISBANE Roar coach Ange Postecoglou hinted the standard of the pitch at Clive Berghofer Stadium could work against Toowoomba in attracting the Roar again after the A-League champions suffered a 3-0 loss to Adelaide on Saturday night.

Postecoglou blasted the surface immediately after the pre-season trial match.

When asked how the support from the Toowoomba fans was, Postecoglou launched a scathing criticism of the playing surface.

"If you're going to bring your top-class teams here, you've got to give them a good pitch," he said.

"Even the supporters, it robs them a bit of the experience because you can't see good players and what they're capable of.

"We had great support and it's great to see so many Roar supporters here and it's fantastic coming up here but if the pitch isn't up to scratch, then we've got to really question about whether it's a worthwhile exercise for us.

"Especially for the A-League games.

"We do a lot in our community, we play all of our local clubs and we understand they're not going to be providing the best quality pitch but when we play A-League teams, I think from now on, I think we need to demand there are good pitches for both sides, not just for us.

"And for supporters, we don't come up here often, the supporters deserve to see the sides play.

"I know other codes, it doesn't affect them, the ball's in the air. But in our code, we need a good pitch and unfortunately it wasn't good."

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