VIDEO: Bring it on Yankees, our butts are better than yours!

THE Julia Creek Dirt 'n' Dust Festival is calling on the Yankee naysayers to put their butts on the line. 

The outback festival's iconic Best Butt Competition came under fire this month from the New York Post, who made a video mocking Aussie behinds in a Facebook post with a short video.

The power-house media company even went as far to say that Australians needed to do some "posterior work".

However, it didn't take long for festival organisers to get to the bottom of the situation and launch their own rebuttal.

This afternoon they went live with a cheeky short clip calling those in the Big Apple to put their behinds on the line.

The video shows some of the finalists in the Julia Creek butt competition, and has a voice over stating:

"G'day New York Post, cheers for your video about Australia's best butt. We are sorry our backsides failed to impress you. We see the Big Apple started its own little best butt competition last year and we are flattered by the invitation, and we think it's really cute that you guys think 'best' can be determined by a photo alone."

They went on to challenge those in the Big Apple for a show down, but there were some rules of engagement.

The number one rule was all butts must be "au naturale."

"We know you lot love your cheek implants and your silicone whatsits… but if it's not real, then no bloody deal," the voiceover stated.

The second rule was that "you can only shake your money maker, if it isn't your prime making money maker".

"No Kardashians, no Playboy Bunnies and no Victoria Secret models - and if your ass made more than $30,000 last financial year or fell out in a sex tape, it's not eligible."

Festival organisers didn't mince their words… looks like the butt is in the Big Apple's court.

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