BMX: Finishing sixth at the recent State Championship at the Sarina BMX Club has comeback queen Krystal Brezigar hungry for more.
The Superclass rider, 33, was a 2008 Olympic High Performance team member but a broken collarbone and wrist ended her Olympic dream.

The off-track and on-track again trend continued and after an operation earlier this year, Brezigar is hellbent to make most of an uninterrupted future.
"I came back seven weeks ago and waited until I was 100 per cent fit," she said.
"I thought 'stuff it and I have nothing to lose' and start training."
In a field of 13 professional women mostly half her age, Brezigar more than matched them in the motos.
"I finished second and third in the heats and just to be able to compete against the professional riders I was pretty happy with," Brezigar said.
"From here on now, I can finally put in a 100 per cent commitment."
Brezigar is a busy woman with two children Scarlett-Rose 9 and Tyson 7 as well as a supportive husband Phil who also rides competitively.
She works full-time at Orica and is studying a personal trainer course.
Around those commitments, Brezigar said she took a week off but normalities will resume.
"Training will be pretty much on and off the bike track with sprint work, gym and nutrition," Brezigar said.
Her next goal is the Australian Championship in March in Tasmania.
"I still want to pursue my BMX career and make the Supercross finals at national and even the world level," Brezigar said.
Meanwhile Harbour City club president Bruce Crow said 60 riders from the club competed at the State Championship with stunning results.
It was the fourth largest of club nominations at the championship.
"There was a total of 110 riders and it's unreal for our small club and we are one of the better country clubs," Crow said.
There were a number of Queensland plate winners which included Angela Potter who won her second successive first-place Queensland plate in the 40-44 Women's Cruiser class.
Other outstanding results were Toby Dunphy and Paige Guymer who took out their respective 15-16 Boys' and Girls' Cruiser categories.
3Q: Ben Dunphy (12 Boys)
4Q: Ava Potter (12 Girls)
7Q: Mackenzie Ryan (13 Girls)
6Q: Krystal Brezigar (Superclass women)
8Q: Paige Guymer (Superclass women)
2Q: Charley Ryan (8-10 Cruiser Girls)
4Q: Ben Dunphy (11-12 Cruiser Boys)
4Q: Ava Potter (11-12 Cruiser Girls)
3Q: Zach Smith (13-14 Cruiser Boys)
4Q: Darcy Ryan (13-14 Cruiser Girls)
8Q: Mackenzie Ryan (13-14 Cruiser Girls)
1Q: Toby Dunphy (15-16 Cruiser Boys)
1Q: Paige Guymer (15-16 Cruiser Girls)
3Q: Jack Ryan (17-24 Cruiser Boys)
4Q: Mitchell Hawkins (30-34 Men)
2Q: Phil Brezigar (35-39 Men)
5Q: Sheldon Cosford (35-39 Men)
1Q: Angela Potter (40-44 Cruiser Women)

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