Letter to the Editor - November 15: Bowser bandits bite hard

I AM FEELING ripped off by the service station proprietors of Coffs Harbour. Why are we paying premium prices for our fuel?

On October 27, I left Coffs Harbour having paid 163.9 cents per litre for diesel. I proceeded to Armidale where the price was 152.9 cents. I continued on to Tamworth where the price was 153.9 cents. At Caroona diesel was advertised at 147.9 cents at the pump outside the store. Next day at Mudgee the price was 150.9 cents.

On November 3, I went through Bathurst where the price was 149.9 cents. At Lucknow the price was 147.9. The price at Orange was 152.9 cents but by November 7 it had reduced to 149.9 cents.

My return trip on November 10 proved to be just as illuminating. The Lithgow price was 154.9 cents. Even the small store on the Bells Line of Road sold diesel at 144.9 cents and at Kurrajong the price was also 144.9 cents. At Heatherbrae the price was 145.9 cents and Taree 152.9 cents. On arrival at Coffs Harbour the price is 158.9 cents.

How can a tiny place like Caroona, with small sales volumes, undercut Coffs Harbour service stations, with their large sale volumes, by a staggering 16 cents per litre?

It can't be the cost of delivery when Armidale is approximately the same distance from any capital city and the delivery costs should be similar. The tiny hamlet of Caroona is in the middle of nowhere so you would expect its costs to be greater.

My belief is that is all comes down to that ugly word - greed.


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