THUMBS UP: TO the Jetty Developmentall starting to look great - Craig Webber.
THUMBS UP: TO the Jetty Developmentall starting to look great - Craig Webber. Coffs Harbour City Council

Bouquets and brickbats


TO the person who owns a white and grey cat in the Korora area.

This cat has been seen eating native birds.

Sadly, the resident satin bird has his bower beside a driveway.

I found what was left of his body.

This really hurt.

Please keep your cat inside.

Jean Hamey




AS a local who takes immense pride in the beautiful city of Coffs Harbour I'm constantly angered by the continuous graffiti littering in our city.

By the look of the tags there are a few artists, vandals, who repeatedly come out under the cover of dark and spray their 'art'.

Enough is enough.

We need to get tough and bring in laws whereby once caught the punishment is to clean up all other graffiti in the city for 12months.

D Horne




TO a resident in Sapphire who scoops his own dog droppings from his backyard and carries them across the road to the public reserve and dumps them. Disgraceful behaviour.

Fellow resident




TO the V8 owner who insists on washing and polishing his car then mindlessly revving the vehicle in his driveway for an hour every weekend.

Fair go pal.

A Reeves





TO the great work being done by the politicans pushing for the closure of the Liddell Power Station. It should be converted to steam driven renewable energy or perhaps even a smaller nuclear power plant.

Mark Johnson





TO the new addition of the shade sails in the CBD. It is great to see new features added to the city centre to encourage visitors into support local businesses. Well done to the council for the massive works to do up the Jetty Foreshores as well. It is looking good and will be widely talked about by many visitors come Christmas time.

Debbie Valery





KAY Joseph at Ergofix! This woman is amazing! She is a children's physio and has been helping my son and in just three weeks with her help we have had huge improvement.

Cassie Geluk





TO Mullaway Primary School teachers for all their hard work in making the kids' Disney musical production "The Heart of Mullaway" so fantastic.

Shantell Acebedo





TO Wayne Gibb from Gibbos Pies.

Always does a great job with cakes.

Keisha Tompkins





TO Tom Borg for his selfless donation to help a stranger's dog.

Toni Hawkins





TO whoever is in charge of the traffic lights on the highway at Bunnings intersection.

The timing for these lights is atrocious.

At night if you head south and want to turn right the red arrow stays on for up to five minutes before changing to green even though there is no other traffic.

Peter Davis





TO Raleigh Public School for their winning sculpture at Urunga's Sculpture in the Park.

Da Ni Elle





HOLIDAYS in France for the first time, thumbs up to French wine, thumbs down to French beer.

Phil Fraser





TO Cunningham's Big Bunch, for donating a large number of delicious bananas to the 60 musicians from four local primary schools, for their all-day workshops and two concerts with the Coffs Harbour City Orchestra last month.

Fuel for a triumph!

And to the big audience, including Mayor Denise Knight, who squeezed into St Augustine's Hall to hear the evening concert, and were bowled over by what they heard.

David Fayle




TO the lovely staff at the Hidden Link cafe at Toormina.

Their service, their staff and food and the way they treated us today for my Aunty's birthday was excellent.

Highly recommend it to anyone who wants top service and food.

Thank you.

Melissa Delaney





TO the Community Garden on Bruce King Drive.

It is such a great idea for people who aren't able to - for whatever reason - have one in their own backyard.

Sharnay Lea

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