Bouquets and brickbats

THE biggest thumbs up to the Men's Shed in Coffs Harbour.

Westmead Children's Hospital sent through a design for a table for my son, not only did they do an amazing job with it, but then they donated it, and they all couldn't be nicer, so a huge thank you to Tom Skinner who organised it, David who I picked it up off, and to the man who made it. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you have done for us.


Reply via Facebook: That's awesome! The men's shed donated a beautiful keepsake box for my baby Brendan, I love it.


TO everyone in our Community who Pays It Forward and reaches out their hand to help others in need. A very thoughtful and unselfish act.


Reply via Facebook: When done with the right intent, yes. Thumbs down to those that want to appear helpful whilst having ulterior motivation.


TO those people in our community who pick up other people's rubbish in the bush or beach areas of our beautiful coast.


Reply via Facebook: Agreed, there was an older man picking up rubbish along the road near York St Oval this arvo. Had his pick-up stick & a large bag. Thanks matey.


TO Jim and staff at Woopi vets who were fantastic when I urgently needed a call out vet last week to look at my miniature goat. Jim and his staff offer a great professional service.


TO the demise of the old Pacific Highway, gateway to numerous small towns that used to attract tourism. Build a shiny new highway and ruin all of the inroads to small towns.


Reply via Facebook: Yes thank goodness for the new highway, hopefully the inroads, that are still in pretty heavy use, no longer have fatal accidents due to not being maintained.


TO everyone out there who go above and beyond in their line of work. Late night shifts, early mornings, long days, saving lives and risking their lives to help others and keep everyone safe and well.


A MASSIVE Thumbs Up to the lovely staff at the Playhouse and the lovely lady (Steph) who sat and help me with my son while we waited for the ambulance you were all so kind and caring with both my son and I last Wednesday we both appreciate it more then you'll ever know. And Thumbs up to the ambos for their fast turn up and for also been kind and caring


TO all the hard working people who organise NAIDOC activities this week. Our family always love getting out and mixing with the community


TO the ambos and amazing doctor on night shift Monday night at emergency who looked after my mum.


TO Chantelle & Sandy from National Parks & Wildlife Service. Had lots of fun and learned some interesting facts about whales with them at Woolgoolga headland Saturday morning.


TO the bloke who leapt up from a family lunch at Maccas north to save a coffee and lunch bag from the roof of a car about to leave the car park. Just in time. Great work. Others were laughing and waiting for it to fall.


TO the honest shopper who ran after the man who left money, I think it was a $20 in the self serve at Woolies on Thursday or Friday (can't remember) but your act of honesty didn't go unnoticed. Good on you.


BIG Thumbs down to the thief on Diggers north end who took our Mullet surfboard on Friday at midday. It's green and orange with a long black leg rope. Keep better watch during school holidays.


TO the woman in white Subaru (dirty) who raced in front of me to pinch the car space I'd been waiting for outside Woolies Park Ave.


TO Brendon Sinclair at BBQs galore, offered friendly advice and knew what I needed, quick and professional service.


FOR the beautiful family day today at the Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Yarawarra (Red Rock).


TO Megan and the team at Forty Winks! Loved buying from you guys, thank you :)


TO Andy from NRMA for looking after us last week.


BIG thumbs up to the Bailey Centre car wash, better value for money and better products available.


TO the people who don't clean there dog poo up on the break wall ... it's gross.


TO all volunteers. No matter where you are helping out. Any help is better then none. Also thumbs up to all medical staff that are day in and day out helping others. Without these people life would be hard.


TO the low-lives wrecking havoc in our beautiful beach-side suburb Park Beach. Slap them up and ship them out.


TO the manner in which our dunes are maintained by a group of volunteers with no idea. Time to hand it back to professional landscapers.

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