Effort to rekindle past memories of Boondall drive-in

DO YOU remember the Boondall drive-in?

One of the tragedies of modern living is the loss of the classic drive-in experience.

At one stage Brisbane had six drive-in theatres operating.

Now, there is just one at Yatala, and the Tivoli in Ipswich.

In an effort to rekindle some past memories, a local real estate agent has teamed up with the Sandgate & District Historical Society to gather memories, recollections, images and any artefacts.

Some basic facts about the Boondall Drive-In;

  •  Opened February 8, 1956
  •  Located just off Sandgate Rd Boondall, near St Joseph's Nudgee College
  •  Largest screen in Australia at the time
  •  Apart from movies there were Shetland pony rides for kids, playground, etc. The site was also used as a Go-Kart Track
  •  Snack bar and barbecue served food - you could pick your steak and a chef cooked for you on the spot
  •  Two sessions per night - up to 600 patrons per session
  •  The facility operated for over 30 years, closing February 28 1990.

Due to the era, taking of photographs was very limited and finding images has proved quite a challenge.Through investigations by John Andrew (PLACE Nundah) & Pam Verney (Sandgate & District Historical Society) a couple of images have been sourced from a past employee, Ian Day. If any readers do have memories of the Boondall Drive In they would like to share, a Facebook page has been created; https:// http://www.facebook.com/Boondall.DriveIn/

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