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Books lost in flood

MORE than 30,000 books collected for Coffs Harbour's annual Rotary Bookfest were lost to flooding at Coffs Harbour Showground last week.

The books were in storage inside a disused stable block at the Showground which was inundated by water 1.2 metres deep last Tuesday.

Rotarian Jim Delahunty said they had had boxes of books piled four deep and had been able to save only the top layer of boxes, while other books had been lost because they had been on the floor or out on tables for sorting.

Mr Delahunty said while some more valuable volumes and sets of books had been at Rotary members' homes, it was a major loss.

He said he was particularly sorry for all the people who had entrusted their books to Rotary only to see them lost.

“We had hoped that this would be our biggest Bookfest ever, with about 60,000 to 70,000 books,” he said.

“Now we will see what comes in, but it will probably only be 20,000 to 30,000 books.”

The club is appealing for people to scour their bookshelves and give Rotary any books they can spare.

Coffs Harbour Showground management has opened the Exhibition Hall up early so saved and newly-donated books will be safe until the Bookfest.

The Rotary Bookfest will be held at the Coffs Harbour Showground Exhibition Hall from April 18 to 25, opening from 9am daily every day except Anzac Day, when the Bookfest will open at 11am.

Anyone with books to donate can call Jim on 66529827; Peter on 0421-274520 or Bill on 66581776.

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