Bookie offers $501 odds for Jacqui Lambie to become PM

NEW Senator Jacqui Lambie's hopes of one day becoming PM are as likely as her playing for the Socceroos.

Online bookmaker Sportsbet is offering large odds of $501 for the outspoken senator to one day take up residency at The Lodge as our Prime Minister.

The odds of Ms Lambie getting re-elected as Senator are $1.70 and to replace Clive Palmer as leader of the PUP is a $5.00 chance.

Should she really want to step up to the plate, it's $51 dollars for her to change allegiances to Labor with the same offering for the Coalition.

If this is the start of what lies ahead, Sportsbet has also opened a market on how many times Ms Lambie will get her marching orders from the Senate floor this year.

Keeping the status quo and not being suspended is offered at $1.50, $5.00 for it to happen once, $7.00 for twice, $10 for three occasions and $16 we'll see her lugged out on four or more instances.

"Talk about announcing your arrival. Jacqui held no punches about Abbott and his family so it'll be interesting to see if this is just the beginning of what is sure to be the most unique collection of senators this county has seen," Sportsbet's Will Byrne said.

Markets courtesy of
Jacqui Lambie Future
$1.70   To be re-elected as Senator
$5.00   To be PUP leader
$26      To win a seat at next federal election
$51      To join Labor
$51      To join Coalition
$251    To become Labor leader
$251    To become Liberal leader
$501    To become Prime Minister

How many times will Jacqui Lambie be suspended from the Senate in 2014?
$1.50   0
$5.00   1
$7.00   2
$10      3
$16      4 or more

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