A bogan or a bevan? Do you know your Aussie slang?

Alf Stewart knows his regional lingo
Alf Stewart knows his regional lingo

ARE they a bevan or a bogan?

Do you have a few roos loose in the top paddock and have you ever come across a black bob?

The Macquarie Dictionary with the ABC has whipped up an Australian Word Map to help all of us speak 'Strayan.

Every Australian area has been broken down with a stack of "regionalisms".

So how well do you speak Strayan? Click the location to see the full lists.

(And leave a comment with any you think have been left out)


Central Queensland:

  • AJ
  • bar
  • beamie
  • Belgium sausage
  • best and fairest
  • bevan
  • big lunch
  • black bob
  • bobby pin
  • Bogan gate
  • bolero
  • bopple
  • brandy
  • brumby
  • bubbler
  • bucket
  • bulb
  • bullhead
  • bunge
  • Burdekin duck
  • cabaret
  • Callaghan Parks
  • Charmaine
  • cheerio
  • chuck a lap
  • coffee roll
  • convenience store
  • cowal
  • cracked off

South-east Queensland region:

  • a few roos loose in the top paddock
  • agates
  • aggie
  • AJ
  • alleys
  • arpy barpy
  • arrester bed
  • arvo
  • Ashgrovians
  • assembly
  • back-seat bogan
  • Baillie
  • bar
  • Barcoo fly veil
  • Barney Box
  • barry
  • batch
  • bathers
  • baths
  • bedlam
  • beer goggles
  • beer o'clock
  • berko
  • best and fairest
  • bevan
  • big lunch
  • bindi-eye
  • bindy
  • Binjour Bear


NSW North Coast:

  • a cut lunch and a water bag
  • as dry as a blacksmiths apron
  • assembly
  • a touch of sugar
  • baldie
  • banana-hammock
  • bar
  • barie
  • baron sausage
  • barrow
  • barry
  • the bay
  • bazman
  • belly flop
  • best and fairest
  • big lunch
  • bilby
  • bird-cage
  • Black
  • black aspro
  • bloke of
  • blue swimmer
  • blue swimmer crab
  • bluey
  • bobby pin
  • bodgies
  • Bogan gate
  • bogey
  • bommy knocker


Head to Macquarie Dictionary to check out the other regions:

Australia broken down into its regionalisms.
Australia broken down into its regionalisms.


  1. Sydney Region
  2. Hunter Valley and North Coast
  3. New England District
  4. The Riverina
  5. South Coast and Southern Tablelands
  6. Central West NSW
  7. Brisbane Region
  8. Central Coast Qld
  9. North Coast Qld
  10. Far North Qld
  11. West Central Qld
  12. Darwin and North Coast
  13. The Centre
  14. Northern West Australia
  15. Central West Australia
  16. Perth Region
  17. Tasmania
  18. Wimmera and Mallee
  19. Central Highlands Victoria
  20. Western District
  21. Northern Victoria
  22. Gippsland
  23. Melbourne Region
  24. Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas
  25. Adelaide Region
  26. Far West New South Wales
  27. Northern South Australia

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