A MAN who choked his 10-year-old stepson because the child used his body wash proclaimed "I didn't do it" after a jury delivered its verdict.

The former Ipswich resident, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will spend six months in jail.

He pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to a charge each of assault and choking and after a three-day trial, the jury convicted him on Wednesday on both offences.

The 30-year-old attacked his stepson in November of 2017 after waking to find the boy had been using the man's shower products.

The man grabbed the child by the hair, flung him around the home and punched and kicked him.

He also held the boy around the neck with both his arms, lifting the lad off the floor while restricting the boy's ability to breathe for around 20 seconds.

The assault was witnessed by the boy's two young sisters, the boy's mother and a family friend.

"He's picked up (my son) and was yelling abuse at him, he grabbed him (with) both arms around his neck and strangled him," the boy's mother told the jury during the trial.

"I tried to get him (her partner) to calm down.

"I was trying to remove his hands away from his (her son's) neck but I couldn't get him to stop.

"The main thing I remember is the strangling."

The family friend also gave evidence about witnessing the attack and the boy's interview with police was played to the court.

The mum and her friend took the lad to Ipswich hospital where a doctor noted he had superficial abrasions consistent with "friction and dragging" on his chest.

The man also gave evidence, telling the jury "I would never harm my family" and claiming all he did was try to pick the boy up under the arm pits to make him have a shower.

Judge Jennifer Rosengren sentenced the man - who used to live in Rockhampton - to six months in jail and did not set a parole date.

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