Bob Katter.
Bob Katter.

Katter criticises parties for not pushing Aussie dollar down

THE two major political parties were not doing enough to push the Australian dollar down, Queensland Federal MP Bob Katter said on Friday.

Katter's Australian Party plans to contest numerous Senate seats at the federal election.

Mr Katter said neither Labor nor the Liberal-National parties had done enough to lower the Australian dollar to help agriculture and manufacturing.

But he said the recent move by the Reserve Bank to lower interest rates, which pushed the dollar below parity with the US dollar, was a positive.

He said it was the first sign the RBA was no longer willing to toe the Labor Party's line to hold interest rates up, saying he would not accept Australia's rate to be so high if he was in power.

While Mr Katter said he would not interfere with the RBA's deliberations, if he sat in the Prime Minister's office, he would be willing to fire the RBA Governor if he did not lower rates in line with government policy.

He said many of the problems in the economy rested on the high dollar, and more needed to be done to push it lower.

But Mr Katter would not say what policies the KAP would pursue to help lower the dollar.

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