Boaties up the creek: pay more for mooring

THE dream of having your own mooring on a Coffs Coast waterway could be yours - as long as you're prepared to pay $5000 more for it.

The Department of Lands has changed its policy for domestic waterfront tenancies (DWF) and upped the rent, with license holders now expected to pay an increase of between $100 and $5000 for the pleasure of mooring on waterways in the Bellingen and Nambucca Shires. As part of the changes, Lands has adopted macro-precincts (e.g. a whole estuary rather than smaller precincts on the same waterway) and three-year rolling averages for land values when determining rentals.

The Precinct Statutory Land Value (PSLV) for Bellingen is now $88.29, while lower Nambucca's is now $90.27. The Department of Lands claim the changes will improve the equity of rents and reduce sharp increases in rent due to changes in land values.

“Lands is addressing the need to rationalise waterfront structures and moorings, freeing up critical space in the waterways and directly benefiting the boating public,” a spokesperson said.

The new rents will be phased in during two to four years and capped at $2500 a year until the phase-in period is completed.

Rent re-determination notices will be issued from this month. For more information go to

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