Letters - Mixed response on refugee situation

Boat people outstanding citizens

AUSTRALIANS fear boat people will swamp us, thus destroying our way of life. That's the negative view.

The positive view is they will make outstanding citizens, thus enriching our way of life. Let me make the case for the positive.

Graham Hugo from Adelaide University worked with refugee families brought here under Australia's Humanitarian Program and found "they strongly contributed to Australia". "They ... helped meet labour shortages, displayed strong entrepreneurial qualities and a higher than average number engaged in small and medium business enterprises".

I believe boat people from the Middle East could make an even greater contribution to Australia. Why? Because they are courageous, committed and willing to take risks. Let me show you.

Some 90% of refugees fleeing persecution in Middle Eastern countries go into refugee camps in neighbouring countries. They hope to return home when the situation improves. Their strong suit is caution.

The remaining 10% are risk-takers. They seek a life elsewhere. They go to Europe, the wealthy fly to safe havens or they set off for Australia.

Going to Australia is the least preferred option. Only 1 in 1000, 0.1%, take this long, dangerous journey. They must be courageous, committed and be willing to take risks.

This idea boat people will make outstanding citizens could be the solution to a problem the Coalition has. Christmas Island, Manus and Nauru "house" 3500 refugees. The Coalition allows them to be brutally treated. All Australians hate this harsh treatment of refugees and a rapidly increasing number want them brought to Australia.

The Coalition has two reasons for not bringing the refugees to Australia. It wants them to remain on the hell holes in the hope this cruelty deters refugees in Indonesia from boarding boats. It doesn't. The other reason is the Coalition's policy not to settle boat people in Australia.

My suggestion is to waive this policy for these 3500 refugees, bring them to Australia and give them the opportunity to become outstanding citizens.

Dr Michael Blockey,

Scotts Head


Borders closed, population stable

AUSTRALIA'S population is currently 200% and climbing, of its sustainable human population.

For those of you who don't know 1+1 = 2, that's 100% and climbing. That's the sane and sensible reason for closing our borders.

Until we can repair the damage already done, improve our technology to increase our sustainable cap, we'd be idiots to continue letting vast hordes of humans pour into Australia, only to find that they've made the disease of the rest of the world, worse here.

The world is grossly overpopulated, 300% and climbing rapidly. That's the world disease!

So far, only a mild case. So, man up! Force these vile pollies to shut our borders or kick them out. Let the rest of the world cure its own disease.

Frank Brown


Not supporting Fraser's view

ANDREW Fraser, how ashamed I am that a democratically elected representative such as yourself can express such right-wing, fascist views in asking for our borders to be closed.

Of course, we need to support the fight against terrorism but setting ourselves up as Fortress Australia will not solve the problem.

We need to accept we have a responsibility for the refugee crisis that Western policies towards The Middle East have created - since World War I in fact, and especially in more recent times.

We have a wonderful multicultural country that is the envy of the world. Migrants and refugees have contributed greatly to the prosperous, peaceful country that is Australia and should be welcomed.

Perhaps you could spend some of your time looking at ways to improve the economic, social and educational opportunities for our latest arrivals to assist them in assimilating into our society rather than taking a simplistic view that all refugees are terrorists.

Chris Grant,

Coffs Harbour

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