Heist: Armed robbery at Ivan’s Tank and Tucker service station, Boambee.
Heist: Armed robbery at Ivan’s Tank and Tucker service station, Boambee. Bruce Thomas

Granny fights back against thugs

AT 86,  great grandmother Doria might have looked like an easy target – um, wrong.

When five knife-wielding thugs held up Boambee service station on Tuesday, Doria gave them a gob full.

When the ringleader menaced her and shop assistant Helen Lackie with a kitchen knife, Doria let fly before telling them to “bugger off”.

“You haven’t got enough sense to use that. You’ll be put behind bars,” she said to the cowardly pack of five.

“Help yourself to what you want, then bugger off.”

Doria, whose son Ivan owns the business and was away at the time, told The Coffs Coast Advocate yesterday that, of course, she was frightened but she wasn’t going to let the gang know that.

“I was scared stiff actually,” she said.

“I don’t take cheek from anybody and I’m never afraid to say what I think.”

Helen says the ordeal has left her still feeling sick.

“I was terrified. It’s not every day you get a knife shoved in your face,” said the 34-year-old mum.

“I have been in retail for 18 years and you think it won’t happen to you.”

At 5.15pm, some 45 minutes before closing, Doria and Helen were behind the counter when five young men stormed in with kitchen knives and had their faces covered with shirts.

One of them, who had a green t-shirt with eye and mouth slits over his head, then demanded they open the register.

“I opened it. He had the knife at my face and was pointing it at me and Doria,” Helen said.

The bandits got away with more than 50 cigarette packets and $694.50 in cash but dropped two of the packets as they fled. Police hope these can be fingerprinted.

Doria went outside and saw what looked like an ’80s model white station wagon driving away.

They are further described as Caucasian in appearance, in their mid to late teens with slim builds.

Contact Coffs Harbour police on 6652 0299 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if you can help.

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