A Sarina man has been sentenced for offences against police after pointing a gel blaster at them.
A Sarina man has been sentenced for offences against police after pointing a gel blaster at them.

Bloke sinks 28 beers, confronts cops with gel blaster

AFTER sinking 28 beers while out fishing on Valentine’s Day, a Sarina man had a run-in with police he cannot even recall.

When police responded to a call to help Shane Albert McKellar, he was “argumentative” and “stand-offish”

He turned away from the police constable in his home, picked up a ‘weapon’ from his table and pointed it at him.

Moments later, as the constables escorted him out of his home, the 35 year old dived down the stairs, bringing the constables crashing down with him.

McKellar’s long-term partner had not long driven him home with their three children in the back seat when police were called about 9pm.

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“He requested for them to leave,” acting magistrate John Aberdeen said.

“Police informed (McKellar) they were police officers and (McKellar) was detained.”

After officers informed McKellar they would call paramedics to assess him, he continued asking them to leave.

“Mr McKellar then turned away from Constable (Ari) Kuster and walked towards the dining table by the lounge room,” Mr Aberdeen said.

“With his left hand, Mr McKellar has quickly reached for an item on the dining table and quickly turned back towards Constable Kuster.

“McKellar has then presented and aimed what appeared to Constable Kuster to be a hand gun, directly at Constable Kuster’s body.

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“It was later determined the hand gun was what is known as a gel blaster.”

Constable Kuster struck the gel blaster out of McKellar’s hand and took him by the arms, attempting to direct him out of the house.

McKellar pulled his left arm free and attempted to hit Constable Kuster, missing him.

The second constable then came back inside and helped his colleague handcuff McKellar.

It was then McKellar dived down the stairs, pulling the constables down with him.

After being taken to hospital and the police station, McKellar said he wanted to see “how much it would take” for the constables to use their accoutrements against him.

McKellar pleaded guilty to serious assault on a police officer while pretending to be armed/armed with a weapon, and obstructing a police officer.

He received 120 hours of community service and a $500 fine.

McKellar’s lawyer said his client’s behaviour was out of character.

He said McKellar had been drinking all day, he had been stressed at work and his kids were arguing in the back seat when he was picked up.

The court heard the gel blaster belonged to his children but it was not confiscated because the magistrate did not believe the kids should be punished too.

A conviction was not recorded.

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