Naked man crash tackles thief

A THIEF got what he deserved when the man he was robbing woke up and chased him, naked, 150 metres down the street before crash tackling him to the ground.

Lennox Head couple Ryan Dein and Lauren Busse were asleep in their unit shortly after midnight on Friday when the man broke in and stole thousands of dollars worth of the couple’s belongings.

“I’m really proud of Ryan. I can’t believe he manned-up like that and took off after the guy in the nude,” a bemused Ms Busse said.

“He didn’t even think about putting clothes on – he just got out there and took the guy down.

“It was basically all my stuff – my laptop, my camera, my phone, my wallet – and I’m just so happy I got it all back. Imagine losing all your photos on your laptop or all your numbers from your phone. Trust me, I will be getting an external hard drive to back everything up this week.”

That could have been the happy ending to this story – but it got better.

The luckless thief dropped his wallet as Mr Dein tackled him, making for easy identification.

Ballina police confirmed they had arrested a 22-year-old Ballina man and charged him with breaking and entering offences.

Mr Dein recalled waking about 1am and getting up for a glass of water.

“It was then I saw the guy leaving with Lauren’s laptop and stuff under his arm,” Mr Dein said.

“I just had a doona around me, but I dropped that and started chasing after him. About 150 metres up the road I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him down.

“He’d already dropped the laptop and the phone and when I tackled him he dropped the camera – and, fortunately enough, his own wallet.

“I gave him a few words on the ground, but I didn’t want to get too violent so I let him go and he scooted off down the street as fast as he could.”

Mr Dein then headed back to his house, scooping up their bel-ongings along the way, when he noticed a pile of his skateboards under a car.

“It was then I realised he’d been in our house more than once and thought, ‘he’s really done a number on us’, so I took off after him again, still naked. But he had 200 metres on me by then, so I let it go, made my way home and called the cops,” he said.

“They were more than happy to get him. I’m pretty stoked everything fell into place. If his wallet hadn’t fallen out at that point he would’ve got away scot-free.”

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