WITH the sun shining bright this weekend the coloured blocks on the south wall are again on show for all to see.

It is unfortunate that some individuals have seen fit to deface what in the eyes of many is one of the best pieces of public art Coffs has on show.

There is some contention regarding these blocks.

A lot of it brought about by the addition of a far less cohesive arrangement of mismatched colour by individuals at a later date which has been received far less enthusiastically by the viewing public.

In its original state, in my opinion and many others, these blocks brought a splash of unexpected colour to an otherwise colourless breakwall constructed of ordinary concrete.

There is nothing at all natural about our harbour.

It is not breathtakingly beautiful.

What is great about it is that it performs very well the function that any good harbour should.

It offers a place of shelter and safe passage to a wide variety of ocean craft and offers the local community a safe haven in which they can enjoy their water based activities in a variety of conditions.

The arrival of the coloured blocks highlighted the impact human beings have had on this piece of coastline and to use a favoured expression of a friend of mine it "celebrates" that impact.

It is unfortunate the original design has been denigrated by the intrusion of later less successful endeavours.

As I understand it council is considering what the future of the coloured blocks may be.

Given the success and the free press received here and in Sydney this piece of public art has attracted, perhaps council could consider including the coloured blocks in its normal maintenance program for public amenities.

Many thousands of dollars are spent on public art.

Given this was gifted to Coffs for free any maintenance costs are negated.
I wonder what responses may follow from any detractors.

I also wonder if any of our public media outlets would take up the challenge to address this issue before the coloured blocks are further defaced and action of another kind is forced.

There many people in the community who appreciate them and would like to see them remain in their original state.


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