Blame it all on olympic- sized hole in the budget

ONE can sniff the way the winds of change are blowing and it's time to start planning for the future.

No, your scribbler is not contemplating retirement or giving consideration to going off to live in a cave ... but perhaps the time has come to start putting something aside for whenever that rainy day turns into a flood.

Living under the current political regime in the State of New South Wales gets more difficult by the day as our health system threatens collapse, road funding dries up and prices of everything seem to be on a continually upward spiral, while services go through the floor.

Nobody is game to say it officially but insiders quietly insist the reason our State is broke is thanks to the obscene blowouts in costs associated with hosting the Sydney 2000 Olympics and a variety of projects since that wound up costing far more than we were told initially.

Such as when Pope Benny the Ball lobbed for World Ute Day ... the pollies said it would “only” cost $20 million but lo and behold ... $115 million later ...

Not to worry, the taxpayers will pay for it.

Now sporting fans ... remember that little Grand Prix racing cars thingy that lost $30 million last year?

Well, fellow NSW residents, Premier Nutty Grease wants us to have it and obviously with the track record of this so-called government, instead of losing $30 mill we are sure to drop double that, at least.

Never mind, they'll just cut more essential services (sack a hundred coppers and make nurses go on casual rosters) and lift taxes on something or other and get some spin doctorin' organisation to blah-blah-blah about how great it will be for the economy, jobs, tourism, crap-crap-crap ...

Your scribbler has started collecting old shoes that can be boiled up for soup once all these marvellous sporting attractions that are coming to NSW start interfering with the food budget.

And one has started collecting old tires and string to make new footwear, just as soon as one has run out of the ingredients for thong casserole and boot broth.

Fair dinkum, won't we have fun if we land the bid for Football Confederations Cup in 2017?

Think of all the delicious plastic bag recipes we can try after our visits to Coles for the blue ones and Woolies for the green bags, so long as we manage to cook in time with the reduced hours of electricity we're certain to have by then.

And we can all go live in caves, just as soon as our Macquarie Street masters land the trillion dollar contract to host the 2018 Soccer World Cup and pass the bill onto us ... followed by the Rugby World Cup a year later.

We should be living in the open by then because the government has implemented a new 'caves tax' to pay for it all and we can no longer afford to have food AND shelter at the same time.

Perhaps one should give Aunty Doris in Queensland advance warning that her State mob are trying to get the nod for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018 and she should start practising her culinary skills by making paspalum pancakes (with stinging nettle sauce, of course.)

At least she won't have to fight with the cat at meal times for who gets the gravy and who gets to lick the chunky bits off the lid of the tin

Might be a good idea to let Uncle Cyril who lives down in Mexico know that Melbourne are bidding for the 2020 Olympics and by that time the country should be so broke because the politicians are so intent on buying love and votes with one sporting circus after another, we'll all be leaving the country on leaky fishing trawlers and turning up in Noo Zulland as boat people.


Sport and politicians?

Be careful dear readers, the mix may be dangerous to your health and hip pocket.

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