Blake Lively: Martha Stewart can 'creep up on my man'

BLAKE Lively would let Martha Stewart "creep up" on her husband.  

The former 'Gossip Girl' star - who has been married to Ryan Reynolds since 2012 - has revealed that she would only be "okay" with someone hanging out with her partner if it was the 73-year-old businesswoman.  

She said: "When we met Martha, she was like, 'I'll ride motorcycles with you, Ryan.'  

"That's the only woman that can creep up on my man and I would be okay with it."   

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old actress - who is pregnant with her first child - revealed she would be organising a lot of baby showers in the next few months because many of her friends had fell pregnant too.  

She said: "There is something in the water because all of my friends are pregnant suddenly.  

"I'm always the one in charge of planning the showers and bachelorette parties and they are not letting me off the hook because I'm pregnant."   

Blake also admitted that she needs to learn to knit properly before the baby is born so she can make the child little "booties".   

Speaking at Martha's Third Annual American Made Summit event, she said: "I have to learn to knit. I started but I only know how to knit a straight track, which doesn't really get you too far.  

"That's where the hot glue comes in to shape it into booties, but nobody wants to wear hot-glue booties."

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