BJJ: Alfred Campbell fell in love with Brazilian jiu-jitsu by accident.

“I walked into the wrong gym,” he said.

“A friend of mine invited me to a Zen do Kai gym and I walked into the wrong gym, saw a bunch of guys rolling around on the floor and I thought well this is different.

“I went back a couple of weeks later, started training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and fell in love with it.”

More recently the head coach of Galeb Brothers BJJ – Toowoomba realised a dream he has held close to his heart for nearly eight years.

Last weekend, Campbell was presented with his black belt and with it the right to now be addressed as professor in BJJ circles.

“I’m still shocked to be honest,” Campbell said.

“I wasn’t expecting it on Saturday when I was graded.

“It takes about ten years to get your black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

“It’s lots of hard training, hard work, dedication, sweat, tears and competing.

“It’s a long process but I’m finally here, I’ve made it after seven and a half years.

“They say when you receive your black belt jiu-jitsu begins for you.

“Now it starts (for me) and I’m ready.”

With its focus on grappling and submission holds, BJJ is often considered to be a thinking man’s martial arts and Campbell loves how it engages the mind and body.

“I love everything about jiu-jitsu,” he said.

“It gets you thinking because you have to put a lot of things together.

“And whatever you can do on the mats – you can pretty much do in every day life.

“It’s problem solving with jiu-jitsu and there’s set ups for everything, submissions, sweeps that kind of thing.

“It’s the same as life if you want to do something you’ve got to have a plan and try to execute that plan.”

Originally published as Black belt rank a dream come true for martial artist

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