Bike ride nearly sends drug dealer to jail

TAKING a mate for a motorbike ride has nearly resulted in an Ipswich man being jailed.

In November last year Regan Peter Howett, 21, was given a four-year jail sentence, suspended for two years, for trafficking drugs at the Met nightclub in Brisbane.

At the time, Justice David Boddice told Howett only his age was kept him from sending him to jail. But Justice Boddice warned Howett if he came back to court he could expect prison time.

On January 8, 2017 police arrested an unlicensed Howett riding a motorbike with a passenger - breaching the suspended sentence.

In the Brisbane District Court on Friday, Justice Boddice told Howett's lawyer Brendan Ryan he remembered the "lenient sentence" he gave him last year.

"I remember your client and I remember the warning I gave him," Justice Boddice said.

"Your client should be worried that I'll sentence him to some actual (jail) time."

Mr Ryan said Howett had otherwise been complying with the conditions of his release. He told the court the parole board had written a positive report about his behaviour after being sentenced.

Justice Boddice said it was that report that convinced him to not send Howett to jail.

"The only thing that saves him from serving a period of custody is the parole report," he said.

"I have to accept that young men are going to continue to make stupid decisions."

He said Howett needed to realise how close to going to jail he had come.

"It is extremely disappointing as well as concerning that you (Howett) now come back before me six months after (the sentence)," he said.

"If this was a drug offence, or had you received a poor parole report, I would have activated your sentence."

Justice Boddice added six months to the operational period of the suspended sentence, but did not send Howett to jail.

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