Barn with no pets a winner

THE Animal Protection Association of Australia (APAA) has awarded Petbarn in Coffs Harbour with a Certificate of Appreciation for not selling dogs, cats and birds.

Petbarn, an Australia-wide chain of businessess, recently opened in Coffs Harbour. It has a policy of working with local shelters to place homeless pets with new owners.

“We are so pleased that the Coffs Harbour area now has such a terrific pet supply store without the sale of pets for profit on the premises,” APAA spokesperson Sally Wilson said.

“Unfortunately too many people impulse buy when it comes to a cute puppy or kitten in a shop.

"Selling animals for profit is not a good mix and it's the animal welfare groups who deal with the fallout when that cute puppy or kitten grows up and is no longer cute and is no longer wanted.

“We are the ones who are left to try and find new homes for all these unwanted animals,” Ms Wilson said.

“Across Australia, tens of thousands of pets are euthanised every year because they are not wanted. Yet puppy mills are churning out puppies for the pet industry with dogs treated like breeding machines.

That's why we are encouraging pet owners to support Petbarn and to only buy pets from a shelter,” she said.

Petbarn Coffs Harbour's manager Rick Gosper agrees.

“Petbarn people are pet lovers too,” Rick said.

“That is why we are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership throughout the community.”

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