Fitness trainer, Tracy Welsh from the Coffs Coast Health Club.
Fitness trainer, Tracy Welsh from the Coffs Coast Health Club. Leigh Jensen

Ban the New Year Resolution now!

By Tracy Welsh

specialist master coach

Coffs Coast Health Club

FROM the headline above you can see I am not a great believer in the New Year Resolution hype.

Most people pick resolutions they've no chance of meeting; let alone keeping.

You've stacked the odds against yourself to start with.

Did you know that approximately 45% of people make resolutions each year? Statistics show only 8% will achieve them... 49% will experience some success; usually for no more than six weeks and 24% will have no success at all.

How have done in previous years?

Did you keep this year's? But you are prepping for more this year, right? Hmm.....

The number one goal is to lose weight, followed by #5 - get fit and healthy and #7 - stop smoking. Sound familiar? Starting exercise doesn't even make the top 10.

Wow and the stats get scarier - only 14% of resolutions are met by the over 50yr age population.

You're not lazier, your bad habits are just more ingrained.

So here's my beef with them; you don't need a new year to make important changes in your life! You can start exercising today, live with good nutrition from your next meal, get more sleep from tonight; if you fall off the wagon you can repeat it tomorrow.

A new year resolution is good for setting goals for your year; but if it's to create new habits, January 1 will not make the slightest difference long term.

Gyms will be overflowing and bustling with new members on January 1 which is awesome, but by March 31 the majority will be attending irregularly again.

So what can you do to create resolution success?

  • Work on a plan, not the resolution. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • Be realistic. If it seems a stretch, it will be.
  • To create or learn something that's life-changing, you first need to unlearn and address the bad habits.
  • Remove sabotaging factors and negative thought processes in your head.
  • Attack things that destroy you desired life first - all your excuses.
  • Get support - find a health and lifestyle coach to support you and help you become one of the 8%.

So until next year... Remember in 2017; meet each new day with enthusiasm for what could be!

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