Bali ‘rite of passage’ wrongs locals and us

AFTER watching yobbos in paradise (What Really Happens in Bali) on TV, I am ashamed to admit I am embarrassed to be Australian.

I fear that the Balinese people, and the many other visiting overseas tourists there, believe all Australians are beer-swilling, vomiting, rude and arrogant drunks who leave behind a trail of destruction to hotels, bars and reputations.

What must parents think when they see their usually well-behaved children staggering around drunk, half-naked and often injured?

Does travelling to Bali suddenly mean all the normal rules of behaviour and self-respect of a civilised world are lifted?

How many young lives are trashed forever because of this "rite of passage"?

I could never visit Bali because of the shame that these young idiots have brought to that proud title of Aussie.

I thank the Seven Network for telecasting What Really Happens in Bali and bringing to our attention the dangerous, deadly and stupid antics of our young citizens at play.

The Balinese are a gentle and peaceful people.

What did they do to deserve having to tolerate and humour these dregs of Australia's young citizens?


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