Bali earthquake: Magnitude 6.4 tremor strikes tourist haven

An Indonesian man offering a surfboard for rent to foreign tourists at a beach in Kuta, Bali
An Indonesian man offering a surfboard for rent to foreign tourists at a beach in Kuta, Bali EPA/MADE NAGI

A STRONG earthquake has struck Bali, shaking the resort island but not triggering any tsunami alarms.

Witnesses report feeling a strong shake lasting some 20 seconds. Many residents reportedly leapt from their beds and ran into the streets for safety.


The shock came shortly after 10am AEST, or 7am local Bali time. It is believed to have been centred off the coast of the 

Many tourists reported feeling a small shaking followed by a larger tremor, lasting about 20 seconds which shook hotel rooms.

Part of a temple gate at Kehan temple in Bangli collapsed but so far no major damage has been reported.


In hotels across Bali tourists were reported to have run outside as buildings shook.

The violent quake was reportedly felt by up to three million inhabitants on and around the island.

Preliminary measurements of its intensity vary, ranging from 6.4 through to 5.5. These figures are produced by automated systems, and its intensity, depth and epicentre are yet to be finalised.

The US Geological Service's automated assessment places the risk of fatalities and economic loss as being low.

Indonesia is part of the 'Pacific Ring of Fire' and it regularly experiences earthquake and volcanic activity.

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