Baird's lockout popular with voters according to new poll

NEW polling suggests New South Wales voters overwhelmingly support early lock-out laws in Kings Cross, with a majority also wanting to extend the restrictions across the rest of the state.

The Fairfax-commissioned ReachTEL survey of 1600 voters found 70% supported the current Sydney CBD lock-outs.

About 59% wanted the 1.30am lock-out and 3am last drinks rule to go state-wide, with only 25% opposing the move and 16% undecided.

The results on young people were most surprising.

Those aged 18-34 were more supportive of the current Kings Cross lock-outs than any other age group, including those aged 65 and older, with almost 75% saying they wanted them to continue.

Several commentators have cried foul over the results, saying they were not based on a true representation of the NSW population.

Former Leichardt Council mayor Darcy Byrne, who was sacked when Premier Mike Baird forced his and neighbouring councils to amalgamate, ran his own poll on Facebook to counter the ReachTEL claims.

He said the results went "against everything I've heard on the street from young people who are incredibly angry about the damage that Mike Baird has done to our live music scene and our nightlife".

"So I thought rather than relying on a poll that only rings land lines, which most young people don't have, that I would come directly to you and ask what you think," Mr Byrne said on live video.

Early results from Mr Byrne's own poll - admittedly not very scientific itself - had 82 people opposing the lock-outs, compared to just two voting in favour.

A review of the laws is due for release this week, although a government response is unlikely to come for some time.

The NSW Supreme Court last week ruled up to 15 strip clubs and live venues in the Sydney CBD were exempt from the lock-out laws.

The State Government is appealing the decision. -ARM NEWSDESK

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