Instant bail for up skirt peeper

A MAN who was jailed for nine months on Tuesday for filming under women’s dresses at Grafton Shoppingworld, and told police he took the footage “to show his mates” and for his own sexual gratification, was granted unconditional bail yesterday.

Immediately after Magistrate David Heilpern’s findings at Maclean Court on Tuesday, Robert Smith, a father of three from Maclean, lodged an appeal against the severity of his sentence.

Mr Heilpern granted bail after assessing Mr Smith’s application in his chambers yesterday.

Mr Smith was arrested by police at a Prince St bus stop on December 16 last year after reports from Shoppingworld they captured a man on CCTV filming under women’s dresses and skirts with his mobile phone.

At Grafton police station officers located other pornographic material on the 34-year-old’s phone and a pornographic DVD in his backpack.

Police facts tendered to the court stated Mr Smith’s mobile phone contained footage which clearly showed images of female genitalia and underwear filmed under their dresses.

Mr Smith captured more than four minutes of video footage on the phone in six separate instances. In handing down his findings, Mr Heilpern said the facts about the case were “quite chilling.”

“He was standing in close proximity to women using his mobile phone to film under their dresses,” he said.

“Not once, not once on one day but six times over the period of a week. It’s disgusting perverted behaviour.

“Women should have the right to attend Grafton Shoppingworld without some pervert filming up their dresses, their skirts.”

Along with six charges of filming person’s private parts without consent, Mr Smith also faced charges of break enter and steal, and maliciously damaging property.


The court heard on December 15 Mr Smith smashed into Harvey Norman at Maclean and stole an Xbox 360 game console, leaving behind a trail of blood stretching more than 100 metres.

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