Babysitter’s unthinkable act caught on cam

WARNING: Graphic content

A toddler has suffered horrific injuries after a housekeeper in Singapore dunked her hand in a pot of boiling water - because she "wanted to go home".

The 16-month-old was rushed to a Singaporean hospital after she suffered second-degree burns to her left hand and arm, with shocking images revealing the severity of the babysitter's repeated act.

Footage captured shows the moment the 30-year-old woman, who is holding the toddler on her left hip, grabs her hand and dunks it into boiling water on the stove.

The toddler's mother, Amy Low, 40, allegedly saw the CCTV footage and confronted the housekeeper.

According to local media, friends told the maid to intentionally hurt the child so she could be allowed to go back home to Myanmar, formerly Burma, in southeast Asia.

The parents called police and the maid was arrested in Singapore. An investigation is underway.

It is understood the incident happened last week - the maid was looking after the toddler and her eight-year-old sister while their parents were at work.

The eldest daughter called her father to explain her little sister was severely hurt.

However, the maid denied any wrongdoing, initially telling the parents the child accidentally touched a hot cooking pot before she could stop her.

According to local media, the parents trusted her and did not blame her for the accident, but they became suspicious when the housekeeper started packing her bags to leave, insisting on returning to her employment agency, when doctors raised concerns.

The housekeeper's fees were reportedly reimbursed to the family.

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