Man ignored police orders

ORDERED by police not to return to the Jetty Foreshores, Toormina’s Michael John Wiggins wasn’t about to let the law stand in the way of his Australia Day celebrations.

The 26-year-old continued to party and when spotted by officers ‘wobbled his backside at police and goaded them to chase him’.

Stumbling along Jordan Esplanade he tried to outrun them hiding behind bushes near a car park.

Plainclothes officers spotted him and began talking with him when a girl interrupted allegedly punching one of the policemen.

Making the most of the distraction, Wiggins took off again, running a short distance before he was crash tackled and handcuffed.

But Wiggins’ big day out was about to end there.

After four officers lifted him into a caged truck he yelled profanities at police, kicked and head butted the inside of the vehicle in what police called a display of ‘extreme rage’.

Appearing in court on charges of refusing to comply with police orders, resisting an officer and intimidating police, Wiggins maintained his innocence.

But despite pleading not guilty, he was yesterday ordered to serve 100 hours community service and fined $400 plus court costs.

Police told the court, Wiggins was arrested for continually annoying officers as they spoke with under-age youths who were drinking.

He was taken to the Coffs Harbour Police Station and fined with failing to move at 12.30pm.

Told not to go back to the Jetty Foreshores he was again spotted at 5.25pm as police tried to disperse a large crowd of brawling youths.

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