Emma Robson stands proudly on the dais with her gold medal won in the under-15 1500m walk.
Emma Robson stands proudly on the dais with her gold medal won in the under-15 1500m walk. SUBMITTED

Athletes claim 50 medals

HOT, humid conditions, followed by lightning and rain, were not enough to stop Sawtell-Toormina athletes winning 50 medals at the Regional Little Athletics Championships in Newcastle.

The haul of 18 gold, 18 silver and 14 bronze means that 26 athletes have qualified for the state championships in 62 events at Homebush.

The outstanding performer of the weekend was Jordan Gusman, who won three gold medals.

Gusman continued his fine recent form in the 400m, 800m and 1500m to cross the line in three sizzling record times.

Nicole Gusman collected three silvers as well as a gold in the high jump with a record height of 1.62m.

The Gusman domination continued, with Jonathon collecting silvers in the high and long jump.

In fact, the Gusman family qualified for state champs in all 13 events attempted. It is a testament to the dedication they put into training and travelling to lead-up events.

David Sheridan also won three gold medals, in the 100m, 200m and 200m hurdles.

Joel Guy and Aiden Wallace won five medals between them in the sprints and long jump. Monique Sawarsin performed strongly to win the triple jump, while other jumpers and hurdlers Lachlan McRae, Lillie Moye and Sam Reynolds were in good form.

The middle distance group were very successful over the carnival, qualifying for state champs in 26 events.

Many of these runners are trained by centre president Jason Smit and they all demonstrated excellent fitness and tactical racing over the weekend.

Matt Berrington, Daniel Campbell, Chelsea Williams, Halley Millington and Stephanie Mann led the way, collecting gold among other medals, while Taylor Wicks, Romany Seemann, Josh Guy, Adelia Smit, Alex Ward, Janica Duncombe also qualified for the state championships.

Sawtell-Toormina continued its fine race-walking tradition, collecting three gold and a silver through Emma Robson, Tim Martin, Fiona Martin and Natalia Robson. Siobhan Deam collected medals in the 800m and 1500m, continuing her consistent form over many years.

The under-8 debutants performed well, with James Millington and Ryley Smidt just missing medals and Tess Reynolds collecting a silver in the long jump.

Other athletes to perform well over the weekend were Fin Galvin, Nellie Geddes, Amber Smit, Allissa Tate, Oscar Galvin, Izack Smidt, Jordan McRae, Hannah Guy and Ashleigh Stewart.


Under-8: James Millington 700m Pack 5th 2:48.6, Shot 10th 4.14, Ryley Smidt 700m Pack 4th 2:43.6, 400m 5th 1.26, Tess Reynolds 70m 6th heat 12.5, 60mH 9th heat 14.6, Long 2nd 2.94, 200m 8th 39.1.

Under-9: Fin Galvin 400m 7th heat 1:29.1, 200m 6th heat 35.7, 100m 8th 16.0, 800m 6th 3:03.1, Joel Guy Long 2nd 3.80, 70m 3rd 11.0, 100m 3rd 15.6, 200m 2nd 31.5, Nellie Geddes 200m 7th heat 37.5, Long 7th 3.15, 70m 8th 11.9, Chelsea Williams 60mH 2nd 11.5, 400m 3rd 1:19.4, 800m 1st 2:57.5, 100m 9th 16.7.

Under-10: Alex Ward 800m 10th 2:56.6, 1500m 4th 5:36.7, Long 15th 3.30, 400m 8th 1.16.8, Fiona Martin 1100m Walk 6:53.3, Shot 11th 4.90, Discus 9th 13.02, Hayley Millington 800m 2nd 2:52.9, 1500m 1st 5:42.3, 400m 2nd heat 1:16.4, Amber Smit 800m 13th 3:15.9, Allissa Tate Discus 12th 11.57, Shot 8th 5.34.

Under-11: Joshua Guy 400m 3rd 1:07.8, 800m 3rd 2:38.0, Long 13th 3.75, 1500m 4th 5:19.6, Aidan Wallace 200m 2nd 28.5, Long 1st 4.53, Dis 12th 15.54.

Under-12: Oscar Galvin 1500m 11th 5:43.4, 100m 5th heat 15.9, Jonathon Gusman 800m 2:34.6, High 2nd 1.45, Long 2nd 4.41, 400m 4th 1:05.3, Sam Reynolds Triple 3rd 9.62, High 5th 1.30, 60mH 3rd 10.3, Long 13th 3.81, Izack Smidt 800m 9th 2:43.5, 400m 6th 1:09.6, 1500m 5th 5:14.2, Hannah Guy 200m 9th 31.6, 400m 6th 1:10.0, Long 6th 4.23

Under-13: Daniel Campbell 1500m 1st 5:04.2, 800m 3rd 2:34.1, 3000m 1st 10.44.6, Tim Martin 1500m 5:37.5, 1500m walk 1st 8:30.4, Jordan McRae Triple 6th 9.29, Janica Duncombe 800m 2:36.8, Natalia Robson 1500m walk 2nd 8:40.5, Jav 7th 16.50, Dis 4th 24.95, Shot 3rd 8.32, Monique Sawarsin 100m 4th heat 13.8, Dis 11th 17.24, Shot 5th 7.29, Long 4th 4.49, Triple 1st 10.17, Romany Seemann 800m 3rd 2:36.5, 1500m 4th 5:22.9, 3000m 4th 12:22.0, Ashleigh Stewart 1500m walk 5th 9:00.7, 800m 12th 2:51.3.

Under-14: Lillie Moye Triple 4th 9.44, 80mH 5th 13.8, 200mH 4th 32.9, 100m 6th heat 14.5, Adelia Smit Dis 13th 15.74, 800m 7th 2:46.4, 3000m 3rd 12.55.1.

Under-15: Lachlan McRae Long 2nd 5.57, High 2nd 1.68, 100m 5th 12.1, Triple 3rd 11.28, David Sheridan 200m 1st 24.5, 400m 6th 1:00.2, 200m H 1st 27.7, 100m 1st 11.5, Taylor Wicks 800m 5th 2:33.5, 1500m 6th 5:09.8, 3000m 2nd 11:05.2, Stephanie Mann 800m 2nd 2:40.1, 3000m 1st 12:21.2, 1500m 2nd 5:31.3, Emma Robson Shot 5th 7.91, 1500m walk 1st 8:12.7, Triple 9th 8.57.

Under-17: Matthew Berrington 3000m 1st 9:58.1, 1500m 3rd 4:38.5, 800m 5th 2:10.5, Jordan Gusman 1500m 1st 4:16.5 (record), 800m 1st 2:02.3 (record), 400m 1st 50.9 (record), Siobhan Deam 800m 3rd 2:23.2, 1500m 2nd 4:55.0, Nicole Gusman High 1st 1.62 (record), 100mH 2nd 16.7 , 200mH 2nd 30.6, Triple 2nd 10.34, 400m 5th 1:08.6, Long 4th 4.55.

Relays: Junior Boys (Joel Guy, Alex Ward, Aidan Wallace, Jonathon Gusman), 4th 1:00.4.

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