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Ashton Kutcher could live in trailer

ASHTON Kutcher's trailer on the set of Two and a Half Men is so big he plans to move in if he ever has a fight with Demi Moore.

The actor's negotiations for his role replacing Charlie Sheen on the sitcom were so rushed he forgot to discuss a trailer and ended up having to rent his own one but Ashton is now so pleased with the enormous dressing room he would love to move in.

He explained: "If I ever have a fight with Demi I'm staying in the trailer. It's a bit of a castle but I'm running an empire from in there. I forgot to negotiate about a trailer and they said Jon Cryer had bought his own trailer.

"Then they gave me a tiny trailer and I have a business to run so they said you can go and get your own trailer and then I rented this big one and they said it wouldn't fit on the lot so I asked them to rent a parking spot and now here it is."

Ashton - who will play a billionaire on the show - also revealed he hopes life imitates art for him as it did for Charlie, who played hard-drinking womaniser Charlie Harper and went on to live with two women.

Speaking to talk show host Conan O'Brien, he explained: "Charlie's character is no longer with us and my character is a billionaire. I'm thinking if life imitated art with Charlie and there's a bit of angel dust on the stage and I'm playing a billionaire, I'm hoping to become rich. I mean pixie dust not angel dust!"

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