Tree and train over there
Tree and train over there


Thomas Degens recently completed his Artside the Box project. He has depicted a panoramic artistic view of Coffs Harbour around the Traffic Control Box. The wonderful colours that are unique to the Coffs Coast region are shown along with iconic images of the area such as waves, surfers, banana plantations and the Jetty. The metal surface of the Box allowed for some intricate detail where charcoal was used the sketch the thematic narrative of the work. Glazes of colour were used to create luminosity, allowing light to illuminate specific areas where vibrant displays are shown.

Thomas certainly had fun painting the piece that gives his family a cheerful smirk when they drive past. The Project was organized by Coffs Harbour City Council and the COFFS HARBOUR COMMUNITY PROJECTS INC.

On Friday the 10th of October, Thomas opened his current Exhibition at Broken Hill Regional Gallery, titled “An Arduous Landscape”. The works range from the estuarine areas of the Coffs Creek Boardwalk to the vastness of the Mundi Mundi Lookout beyond Silverton.
Thomas studied art at Newcastle College in his early twenties and forties. His immersion in the Australian Landscape depicts an Art Practice that dwells on environmental abstraction and describes a border zone where beyond the fence, horizon or tuffet of bush is a place where survival encompasses thoughts.

The Night of the Exhibition Opening
As a teacher he has travelled around NSW. Having taught at Western Sydney, Moree, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Scarborough and Walgett his family now reside in the Broken Hill Community.
His exhibition of works include; Charcoal Sketches, Watercolour Works and Oil Paintings.
“The dangly structural forms of the tree limbs, the aridness of each individual piece and the brilliant colours create a nice place to step into the landscape.”
“An Arduous Landscape “, can be viewed at, which is his website and the total exhibition can be seen on line.

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