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Around The World in 80 Days

A THEATRICAL frenzy comes to the Jetty Theatre August 18 when Hit Productions presents Around the World in 80 Days.

Three actors portray a cast of thousands of characters... well, at least 39, in this epic, funny, madcap adaptation of Jules Verne's globe-trotting classic, bringing to life a sea storm, police chases and even elephant rides.

Phileas Fogg is determined to win a wager that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days, together with his faithful manservant Passepartout.

Convinced Fogg has committed a bank robbery to fund his travels, Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard is hot on their heels, driven to capture and gaol our intrepid travellers.

This "must see” for all ages is a joyfully frenetic whirlwind of a show, full of daft Victorian invention, daring deeds and downright silliness.

Clever, colourful and ingenious staging with the addition of wicked, waggish and whimsical costumes, give this steampunk-laced adventure an edge. It's just all-round great entertainment.

Pack up your troubles in your hot air balloon, strap yourself in and hold on tight as you head to the Jetty Theatre for an experience of guaranteed unabashed glee.

Sensational slapstick supremely served in the not to be missed theatrical event of the year.

"It's such a healthy dose of Monty Python nonsense that keeps the adults tickled while the slapstick is laid on thick for the children and... it's a merrily entertaining trip for all on board.” - Metro, UK

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