BIG SHOP: Joshua Bonney drove disqualified to help his de-facto do a big grocery shop.
BIG SHOP: Joshua Bonney drove disqualified to help his de-facto do a big grocery shop. Ross Irby

Army hopeful cops jail time for road offences

ALREADY a disqualified driver, a rural man risked time in jail when he drove illegally to do a big grocery shop.

"Everyone's got to eat," Joshua Bonney told an Ipswich court magistrate by way of explanation for his misdeed.

And it was a shopping trip big enough that it apparently required both him and his de-facto to take two cars.

Lowood resident Joshua John Bonney, 27, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to two counts of driving when disqualified by court order; and driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle at Blacksoil on October 26, 2018.

Prosecutor, Sergeant Paul Caldwell said that at the time of the offence, Bonney had been disqualified from driving by a court order for two years from October 11, 2018 to October 10, 2020.

And there were also a SPER suspension and demerit points suspension.

"The first time I was pulled over, both times I was getting groceries for the family," Bonney said in court. "First time, we had to do a big shop. It needed both cars to do it and I said I'd go.

"The second time she had hurt her foot. I didn't think about it, got into the car and drove. I've just been fired from the meatworks by not being able to get there."

Magistrate David Shepherd said the two disqualified drive offences happened within weeks of each other.

"What is it that you don't understand about a court order?" Mr Shepherd said.

"I don't know. It's been a bit rough lately," Bonney said. "Everyone's got to eat."

When Mr Shepherd asked why this necessitated him doing the driving, Bonney said there was no public transport at Lowood.

"I just thought I'd do half the shop," Bonney said.

"Court orders are not done for convenience," said Mr Shepherd.

Mr Shepherd noted his convictions for similar offences before a Cleveland court, saying Bonney could be in no doubt as to what was going on.

Bonney explained he was now applying to get into the military for a career. Mr Shepherd said his reasons did not justify a clear disregard for court orders, or the inconvenience of distance.

Bonney was sentenced to two jail terms of one month each - both suspended for six months.

His licence was disqualified two years.

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