Are you tired all of the time?

Energy its our greatest strength, so how can you generate more?
Energy its our greatest strength, so how can you generate more? Contributed

DO YOU find you're often tired and lack energy?

There are lots of things that can contribute to fatigue and low energy, and you may not even realize that some common habits and practices can make you tired. Here are 4 things that sap your energy and make you tired all the time. Some of them may surprise you!

Top four things that sap your energy and make you tired

Using your smartphone before bed. We recently found that people who use smartphones after 9:00 PM have more trouble sleeping and feel "more tired and less engaged" at work the next day. The mental engagement prevents you from winding down and getting to sleep, while the "blue light" of the screen disrupts melatonin production.


Mild dehydration. Even slight dehydration causes a reduction in blood volume that makes the blood thicker and more difficult to pump. That can slow blood flow to your brain and body and make you tired. So drink more water, more often.


Your evening nightcap. While we may feel that drinking alcohol before bed has a relaxing effect, it can actually disrupt sleep. To avoid this, experts recommend cutting off alcohol intake 3-4 hours before bed.

4 An inconsistent bedtime routine. Studies have found that among two groups of people who get the same amount of sleep, those who go to bed and wake at roughly the same times each day are "significantly more alert" than those who go to bed at vastly different times each day. This article was from the web site of Dr. Michael Merzenich, one of the contributors to our book "How to stay Healthy, Active and Sharp in Retirement". This book is available on line at

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