YOUR SAY: Are MPs entitled to expenses claims?

DAILY News readers have their say on Federal MP expenses, including Maranoa MP Bruce Scott's.

There's plenty of dissatisfaction amongst readers online - with many calling for a review of the system.

Reader "finga" said the electorate had got nothing from Bruce Scott's $600,000 spending.

"Just because they're entitled to it, and it's not against the law, doesn't mean they should do it," they wrote.

"At the Freestone school it is legal to do 100km/hr past the front gate at 8.30am on a school day.

"Do people do it simply because it's legal and they're entitled to do it?"

Darryl Evans said it was voters, not MPs, to blame for the issue.

"Perhaps the story should be the ignorance and stupidity of a voting public willing to allow such spending to be lawful," he wrote.

"The politicians must sit in Canberra laughing at the morons (general public) that time and again vote to endorse this sort of spending."

The real estate agent defended Mr Scott.

"Mr Scott didn't break any law did he?," he wrote.

"That being the case he must have complied with the law."

Graeme Carson also defended the MPs.

"Depends on what is included - it's a very wide net "printing and communications," he wrote.

"Could have a multitude of components including phones, sat phones, internet, brochures, advertising, electorate information dissemination, etc, etc."

Mr Carson compared the MPs spend to an expense claimed by a Southern Downs Regional councillor last year.

"Compare $102,000 per annum for the size of his electorate with the $20,000 plus spent by one of our councillors just for private vehicle expenses in one year travelling once every two months to Warwick," he wrote.

"That's over the top!"


What other readers said:

That sucks.

That could go towards helping the poorer Australians not to big noting politicians trying to get votes.

- Jacquelynne Rogers

We need to sort out electoral funding as it is destroying our democracy, the corporations and rich individuals are dictating with a cheque book our nation's their favour of course...

- Generalpublic

Their wages should be capped, entitlements capped and reviewed and stop wasting money.

Biggest thing is to take away this receive the same wage for life if you have been a politician.

- IpsBusOwner

Audit! Let's see what, where & whom those "office costs" went to.

- Sonya Clift

Itemised account please...

- Hln Fitch

What planet are these people from!

- Colin O'brien


- Suzi Brazier

Waste of money

- Russell Sutton

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