Yule really love this window spectacular

NOLA York has become Glenreagh's Mrs Claus, thanks to her spectacular Christmas display.

Each year, the 70-year-old grandmother, pictured above with her granddaughter Courtney, decorates three rooms of her house, in the main street of Glenreagh, with toys and finery, until December 31.

As evening falls, she turns on the lights, switches on the toys and opens the blinds to entertain children of all ages who come to press their noses to the panes.

The centrepiece is Mrs York's collection of 52 battery-operated Santa Clauses and toys.

Nola says the toys have come from everywhere some have been gifts, some she has collected, and some she has found in op-shops

The moving, softly-lit tableaux in the Dickensian bay windows of her old bakery shop are proving a magnet for both Glenreagh residents and visitors, as well as being appreciated by Nola's own, much-loved, five children, 16 grandchildren and 'seven and a half' great grandchildren.

One of 12 children herself, she said in spite of being one of such a large family, she had never missed receiving a present.

Now she gives all children the gift of her work.

"I try to change it around every year," she said.

"I put on a hat and an apron it's too hot out there for the rest.

She began the display nine years ago after her husband, once Glenreagh's resident baker, died of cancer.

This year, for the first time, Mrs York had someone to help.

"My granddaughter Courtney is my little elf," she said.

"She's eight and I'll be 71 on Boxing Day."

One fascinated visitor said the display was better than anything she had seen in Sydney.

It costs nothing to look, but for those who are happy to give, Nola puts out a little tin for donations to the Coffs Harbour oncology ward.

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