Michael Zentveld . . . off to the World Youth titles.
Michael Zentveld . . . off to the World Youth titles.

Young bowlers are taking on the world


NAMED as coach of Australia's youth 10 pin bowling team, Coffs Harbour's James McGinty recently held the first pre-championship camp for the selected bowlers in eight years.

"It's the first time the team has had a training camp since bowling was in the Commonwealth Games at Kuala Lumpur in 1998," he explained.

"It's been a little bit political since then with the ASC cutting our funding so we haven't been able to hold one until now."

Travelling to Berlin at the end of July for the World Youth Championships, McGinty will take with him an exciting group of youngsters in Stephen Cowland, Glenn Loader, Michael Zentveld and Jason Belmonte who McGinty says is almost undisputably the best amateur bowler in the world at the moment with his unusual two-handed style of delivery.

As the owner of Holiday Lanes in Coffs Harbour, McGinty has the resources available to give the young group the best practice facilities including lanes that will be oiled just as they can expect when they head off as a team to Germany.

As the coach of the team it's difficult for McGinty to be part of the team as he obviously can't bowl the ball forthem but he says his role isn't about creating practice drills and giving inspirational team talks.

"It's all technique," he explained.

"If their game goes off the rails then I might be able to identifya timing issue where their feet are going too fast or the release is too late thois esort of things.

"Most importantly, I can make sure in the preparation that the team will practice on conditions they're going to get when they get there."

While the camp has the partial financial support of the national governing body, the four bowlers will be paying around $2000 each out of their own pocket to get to Berlin.

This is the first time that McGinty has been given the role of coaching a national team and he's the first to admit that when he was told of his appointment he was blown away.

"It's a real honour, I nominated for the role but when I was told I was selected I was really excited," he said.

"I thought I was half a shot but a lot of people applied for it who have more years experience than me but maybe they were impressed with me from when I'd taken state teams away and other teams as well."

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