President of the Diabetes Australia Coffs Harbour and District Branch Syd Cole took the opportunity to get his blood tested by
President of the Diabetes Australia Coffs Harbour and District Branch Syd Cole took the opportunity to get his blood tested by

Worst council? noted

'a waste of time and money', and 'who are the Greens?'

These were some of the comments made in the Nambucca Shire Council chambers last week as the councillors debated how to respond to their 'Worst Council in NSW Award', received from the NSW Greens last month.

Following her recent visit to the area, NSW Greens' Sylvia Hale, sent the council a letter asking for a response to the wide range of alleged misdemeanours levelled at it in the community submission which led to the award.

The mayor said he saw no point in 'going down to their level'.

"They have not had the decency to send us a copy of this earlier," Cr George Hicks said.

"They made statements to which we could not respond at the time."

The general manager, Tom Port, told the council considerable staff time would be needed to respond to all the points made.

He wrote: 'Given the award has already been announced prior to any consultation with the council, I suggest council merely receive the information'.

Cr Chris Waller said it was a waste of time and money to respond.

Cr Paula Flack said a response was needed, given the awards had been 'plastered across the State'.

"I would have thought we'd want to clear our name," Cr Flack said.

The council voted to accept the information and take no further action. Raising diabetes awarenessA 2000 kilometre bicycle ride to raise money for diabetes is not enough for John and Rebecca Goumas, they're finding people at risk of diabetes along the way.

Over the course of the 24-day ride from Melbourne to Brisbane, with John riding while Rebecca who is seven months pregnant drives the support vehicle, the Goumas hope to raise $10,000.

They are stopping along the way, and Rebecca, a qualified pharmacist, offers free blood glucose testing and information.

"Over the trip, we've been averaging about 25 people tested per hour, which is fantastic," she said.

About eight people out of each 300 Rebecca has tested have been referred to doctors, although none in Coffs Harbour.

"Rebecca has plucked a few that didn't know, and even if we don't raise much, that alone is reward in itself," John said.

"Detecting people is just as important as the fundraising."

The motivation for their efforts came from John's mother who has diabetes.

"Mum has lost her eyesight and now has kidney failure and is starting dialysis," Johns said.

"So I thought rather than sit back and hope they find a cure, I would try to make a difference."

After a much deserved two-day break rest in Coffs Harbour, they will head to Grafton tomorrow and finish their trip in Brisbane early next week.

To make a donation, call Cheryl Harvey at Diabetes Australia on (03) 9667 1740 and mention the Solo Bicycle Challenge.

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