Windfall for State Govt

THE new fine and demerit system in NSW is merely another revenue-raiser for the Government, the Opposition claims. "The new fine regime includes huge fine increases, sometimes of hundreds of dollars or more, whereas fine reductions are only small," Opposition Roads spokesman Don Page said. "The net effect will be a huge windfall for the Carr Government in the run-up to the next election." Mr Page also attacked the Government for its claim the new system was based on road safety criteria, when the fines for driving an unregis- tered and uninsured vehicle, or driving while unlicensed, had decreased. "Fines for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle have dropped from $472 to $450, whilst fines for driving unlicensed have dropped from $463 to $450," he said. "Even the fine for recidivist unlicensed drivers has decreased from $926 to $900. "Unlicensed drivers are a real danger on our roads. The NSW Opposition believes in increasing community road safety by sending the strong message that unlicensed driving is completely unacceptable. "It is estimated that 13 per cent of drivers on the road are unlicensed. "Labor have always been weak on this issue. "The review of fines and demerit points was necessary, but Labor has done it with a view to filling their coffers. "Labor has introduced a fine and demerit system which does not correspond with road safety criteria, but focuses on revenue-raising by hitting motorists in the hip pocket. "The fine and demerit points for driving a noisy vehicle are the same as speeding more than 15km above the speed limit."

REVEALED: Coffs Harbour's Most Influential list

premium_icon REVEALED: Coffs Harbour's Most Influential list

The final instalment of our 12-part series.

Coffs Harbour's Most Influential - Part 11

premium_icon Coffs Harbour's Most Influential - Part 11

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Mayor named Coffs' Most Influential

Mayor named Coffs' Most Influential

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